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sonj conseil is an independent consulting firm specializing in shareholder relations and corporate governance

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SONJ Conseil directed a governance audit and was involved in a short-seller attack. The firm brought a unique expertise in understanding shareholder behaviour, corporate governance and balance of power. 
In addition to its legal expertise, the firm has a detailed knowledge of the market ecosystem, which enables it to support executive and non-executive managers, particularly in time of crisis. 

The CEO of an SBF 120 Group

SONJ Conseil provides its clients with a strategic analysis of governance, power relationships and power balances, which can prove decisive in periods of transformation or in situation of shareholder conflict.

Caroline Ruellan’s in-depth knowledge of how companies operate, the actions of managers and the regulatory framework places her in a unique position in the world of corporate consulting.

The Chairman of an SBF 120 Group

SONJ Conseil intervened in the context of a high intensity shareholder battle: with a high level of perspective and hindsight, coupled with an acute tactical sens, its contribution was of great value in navigating both the legal and communication aspects

The Director of Communications and Public Affairs of a CAC 40 Group

SONJ Conseil is the only consulting firm in Paris to offer companies and their executives a transversal vision on governance, strategy, lobbying and communication issues.

The General Secretary and Chief Sustainability Officer of an SBF 120 Group

What sets SONJ apart in the world of consulting is the ultra-personalization of the working relationship, in-depth analysis of cases – including technical ones – and legal analyses that are usefully juxtaposed with communication and tactics, in the service of the client and its often complex expectations.

The General Secretary of an SBF 120 Group


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